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Saving Energy, Money & the Environment... with NotJust Energy.

We all know that the planet is changing, but we can make a difference. We can help to slow down the damage that is being done to our environment - if we know what to do. NotJust Energy offers a range of services to help you save energy and Money and more importantly the Enviroment.

Home energy is responsible for approximately 28 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK. This can greatly contribute towards climate change. With the help of NotJust Energy, new and existing buildings can be made more energy efficient to reduce emissions and save money, energy and our environment.

Air leakage from both new and existing buildings is the main reason for increasing emissions and energy loss. By improving the air tightness in homes, the uncontrolled air flow through cracks and gaps (often referred as exfiltration, draught or infiltration) can be reduced. With the help of proper ventilation and controlled flow of air, you can easily increase the safety and comfort of the occupants.

Excessive air leakage can lead to discomfort and unnecessary heat loss from cold draughts. Moreover, With Increasingly higher fuel bills and the need for better energy, air tightness is becoming an important issue.

Air leakage from a building can also be quantified as air permeability. Air permeability is actually the rate of leakage inside or outside of the dwelling. It is generally measured with a reference pressure difference of approximately 50Pa between the outside and inside of the dwelling.

In order to ensure air tightness and energy efficiency the issue needs to be addressed with a simple test from not just energy, careful measures are taken to make sure your home  will become more energy efficient and will greatly improve the comfort levels in your home for years to come.








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How to save energy with Air Leakage

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